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Our Grass Fed Lamb, 12 Hour Beef Broth and Root Vegetables together in one bundle. This meat and veg powerhouse combination will nourish and satisfy your little one. Our iron and protein-rich ethically sourced grass fed lamb and gelatine-rich beef broth are paired with our plant based goddess featuring a rainbow of hearty root vegetables, the wholesome power of chia and extra virgin olive oil. Three nutritionally and flavour diverse meals your baby will savour.

Perfect for babies from 6 to 18 months.

18 pouches (120g each). Six of each of our delicious meals:

  • 12-hour beef broth, roasted vegetables, olive oil + Australian native bush tomato
  • Grass fed lamb, roasted carrots + Australian native river minted peas
  • Root vegetables, chia seeds, olive oil + Australian native thyme

Our meals do not contain any binding agents or anything artificial. We always recommend that you shake each pouch well before opening. This will ensure an even consistency of our rich and nutritious flavours for your little one to enjoy.

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