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The benefits of vegetables in your baby's diet

Inspiring healthy eating habits

The first 1,000 days are essential to shaping a baby's healthy eating habits.

Exposing babies as young as 6 months old to vegetables is a great way to get kids to eat more as they get older.

Only 6% of kids aged 2-17 are eating the recommended amount of vegetables*. This highlights the importance of introducing your little one to veggies as soon as they’re ready for solid foods.

Needed nutrients

Vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and folate, which are crucial for healthy growth and development in babies.

Encouraging your baby to eat a variety of vegetables as part of a balanced diet can provide them with numerous health benefits and set the foundation for lifelong wellness.

Not all baby food is created equal

Some baby foods have a high percentage of filler fruits, even when they are claiming to be a vegetable meal. This reduces the nutritional value and vegetable flavour profile of the meal.

JUCA veggie meals use only premium vegetables - no fruits. So your baby is getting maximum nutritional value. And is being introduced to real, delicious vegetable flavours. Discover more about our ingredients here.

"Such a beautiful mix of flavours! This is a wonderful option for little ones, especially to broaden their palate and expose them to different flavour profiles."


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We are changing the face of pouch-based meals for babies with our recipes crafted in Australia with superfoods and the finest of ingredients.

Our range has been carefully crafted to provide your child with a range of balanced, savoury flavours to introduce and inspire a positive attitude to healthy eating.

‣ No preservatives, 100% clean

‣ No filler fruits or anything artificial

‣ Healthy fats such as olive oil, hemp seed oil and wild caught salmon

‣ Rich in superfoods such as chia, kale, 12-hour simmered beef broth and Australian native herbs

‣ Only ethical proteins that have been humanely raised, grass fed and free range

‣ Designed by a 3-Hat and Michelin star world class chef

Things to know:

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* Australian Bureau of Statistics, Children's risk factors: